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National Policy & Markets Review (Zambia)

Published Date 

30 Sept 2019


Leary, J et al., (2019)

Main authors: J. Leary, N. Serenje, F. Mwila, S. Batchelor
Associate authors: M. Leach, N. Scott, E. Brown, F. Yamba

About the publication

The aim of this study was to understand the intersect between ‘cooking’, which has traditionally meant biomass, in particular improved biomass stoves, and ‘energy access’, which has tended to focus on electricity and grid access.

The objectives are twofold:
• To review the current regulatory framework in Tanzania and assess which policies are likely to accelerate the uptake of the eCook concept and which may present significant barriers.
• To assess the state of the existing clean cooking and grid/mini-grid/off-grid electrification markets, which may provide the foundation for future eCook products/services.

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