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A Comparison of Functions and Safety Features on Electric Pressure Cookers (Working paper)

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Barton, J., Monk, N. and Blanchard, R. (2019)

Dr John Barton; Dr Nigel Monk; Dr Richard Blanchard

About the publication

There are dozens of different electric pressure cookers (EPCs) on the market for domestic and small commercial use. They range in price from about £50 to well over £100. Seven EPCs are compared here. One, the BES model is designed for use with a 12V DC electricity, whereas the others are all designed for 230V AC electricity. Section 1 describes the functions and features. Section 2 describes the safety features.

This document does not make recommendations as to one type over another, but sets out a factual comparison of functions, external and internal features. However, major safety concerns have been identified in the BES 12V DC EPC and are described in section 3.

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