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An Investigation into the Potential of DC Solar-Powered Cook Stoves with Tanzanian Food Vendors (Working Paper)

Published Date 

26 Jul 2020


Perrett, A. (2020)

Anthony Perrett

About the publication

This working paper details the results of a feasibility study investigating the potential of DC solar-powered cooking with food vendors in Mwanza Region, Tanzania. It was the product of a three-month work placement,
sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), that enabled Anthony Perrett from Loughborough University’s Geography Department to lead a research project on behalf of Africa Power Ltd.

Three prototypes of DC solar-powered stoves were supplied by KuyereOrg, a Malawian social enterprise specialising in domestic solar electric systems: a water heater (rice/bean cooker), pressure cooker and wok. The prototypes were tested with vendors and data was collected through cooking diaries and semi-structured interviews. Additionally, a baseline survey was conducted in ten communities across Mwanza Region and baseline cooking diaries were also conducted for in-depth analyses of four specific vendors’ cooking practices: chips mayai, rice/beans, chicken stew and dagaa.

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