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Appliance Data and Multi-Tier Framework for Household Electrical Load Modelling (Working paper)

Published Date 

30 Jul 2020


Mullen, C. and Wade, N. (2020)

Chris Mullen; Neal Wade

About the publication

The aim of this work is to develop a set representative appliance demands for the MECS-CREST model, using data from the Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) developed by the World Bank and reported in the Beyond Connections document [1], where possible. This report is based mainly on work in the Beyond Connections report and provides a summary of the MTF, with particular reference to electrical household appliances.

The work presented here starts with an overview of the MTF, then it presents a hierarchy of the different indices. Using this hierarchy as a guide the report drills down into the indices used to measure household access to energy and reports where the MTF can provide information on appliances that can be applied in the MECS-CREST model.

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