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eCook Focus Group Discussions - Kenya (Working paper)

Published Date 

12 Mar 2019


Chepkurui, K. and Leary, J. (2019)

Karen Chepkurui; Jon Leary

About the publication

This report describes the findings of a focus group held in Nairobi in March 2019 to review the first draft of the Nairobi eCookBook – Beans Edition. Participants from the cooking diaries study, the cooks from the eCookBook, representatives from a cookstove company and others who had not been involved in the research before were invited to share their opinions.

The session featured a participatory challenge, where the FGD attendees had to decide on how to cook dinner for the group using the techniques from the eCookBook. Then debate as to whether to prioritise quick and efficient cooking or the most familiar (and possibly tastiest) method fueled a rich discussion.

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