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Functions, Features and Performance of the 1.5 Litre Vektra Vacuum Insulated Kettle (Working paper)

Published Date 


Barton, J. (2020)

Dr John Barton

About the publication

The Vektra vacuum-insulated kettle uses electricity to boil water. The water then retains heat for up to four hours, according to the manufacturer, by virtue of its vacuum-insulated sides and multiwalled lid. When hot water is required often or regularly, this ability to retain heat reduces the number of times that the kettle has to be boiled, and reduces the electricity required each time the kettle is re-boiled. When heating, the kettle consumes 1.5 to 1.8kW of power when supplied with AC electrical power at between 220V and 240V.

In the context of the MECS project, the Vektra kettle provides a means of pre-heating hot water during the day, thereby storing energy as heat, and relieving the energy demanded from a battery. In the cooking diaries, a substantial number of heating events are only for hot water, and pre-heated hot water would be beneficial to reduce the cooking times of many foods.

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