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Innovation Case Studies (Working paper)

Published Date 

22 Aug 2019


Ockwell, D. et al (2019)

D. Ockwell, R. Byrne, J. Atela, V. Chengo, E. Onsongo, J. F. Todd

About the publication

In this case study, we apply this more recent approach to examine how the Kenyan off-grid solar PV market was established. The story of the evolution of this market is often described as a private sector led development success, but, as the case study shows, this is a highly simplified interpretation (Ockwell et al., 2017a). Rather, the market was established through the painstaking piecemeal interventions of often donor-funded projects over a long period beginning in the mid1980s. The accumulated impact of these efforts was to build a strengthening innovation system around off-grid solar PV in Kenya, efforts that Ockwell and Byrne (2017) describe as sociot-technical innovation system building.

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