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Preliminary Cradle to Gate Environmental Assessment for Cooking Devices (Working Paper)

Published Date 


Lee, J. (2020)

Dr Jacquetta Lee

About the publication

The objective of this working paper is to provide an environmental assessment of cooking options from cradle to gate and was conducted following the principles of BS/EN ISO 14040 and 14044 and other good practice systems. Bespoke models for four cooking devices (simple electric pressure cooker (sEPC), a single ring hotplate (HP), a twin ring LPG burner (LPGB) and a street charcoal burner (sCHB)) and three fuel/power systems (Lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP), lead acid battery (LA) and charcoal (CH) (from earth mound kilns) have been created.

These have been analysed as stand-alone systemsto identify key design issues, and as combined systems (device and power/fuel) to assess the relative impacts of the fuels consumed to the manufacture of the cooking device, and to assess the relative impact of each combination to each other. Eighteen midpoint and three endpoint indicators were analysed, using the ReCiPe(H) assessment methodology. The location for the assessment was Kenya.

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