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The National Stakeholders' Solar Electric Cooking Workshop (Working paper)

Published Date 

23 Apr 2018


Villema, N. et al (2019)

N. Villema, S. Sago, E. Sawe, A. Minja, J. Leary, K. Chepkurui, J. Shuma

About the publication

The National Stakeholders’ Solar Electric Cooking workshop was held at TaTEDO office at Mbezi juu near KKKT Church, Dar es Salaam on 24th and 25th April 2018. The main objective of for workshop was to explore the opportunity for eCook in Tanzania. eCook is a potentially transformative household battery electric cooker that will soon be cost effective for households cooking on charcoal, LPG and kerosene. In addition it offers a clean cooking solution; provide reliable and affordable electricity access.

The workshop gathered participants from various organisations, companies and agencies for energy both inside and outside the country like the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and TANESCO, Mobisol, Ensol, TaTEDO, Gamos, CEEEZ, DIT, UDSM and some of the eCook project respondents
The workshop was conducted for two days; on the first day participants were acquainted with the eCook concept, while on the second day attendees get the hands on experiments with eCook appliances. Attendees carried out hands on experiments with eCook appliances, whilst discussed how this new technology can be tailored to best meet the needs of Tanzanian cooks, in particular, those from lower income households, located in urban, pre-urban or rural areas.

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