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Unlocking Electric Cooking on Nepali Micro-Hydropwer Mini-Grids

Published Date 

27 Aug 2020


Clements, W. et al (2020)

W. Clements, K. Silwal, S. Pandit, J. Leary, B. Gautam, S. Williamson, A. Tran, P. Harper

About the publication

This paper reports on a study that introduced electric cooking as an alternative to biomass-based cooking in 10 households in Simli, a rural Western Nepali community, to assess its feasibility in rural off-grid contexts. Quantitative and qualitative data from a cooking diary study and electrical mini-grid data were collected, assessing the compatibility with micro-hydropower grids and Nepali cooking practices. Datasets of Nepali cooking practices and meal energy requirements were generated, revealing that generally two meals are cooked per day and that, on average, electric cooking consumes 0.25 kWh/day and 0.14 kWh/meal. Participants simplified their cooking practices and found chapati hard to cook on the induction hobs due to inexperience with the cookers.

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