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An Investigation into the Functionality and Efficiency of an Electric Pressure Cooker Bought in Kenya Intended for the Domestic Market: ‘Sayona PPS 6 litre’.

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Dr Nigel Monk

About the publication

This report examines and describes the cooker in detail for functionality, safety assurance, operational and
thermodynamic behaviour, temperatures achieved and energy consumption. The tests comprise water boiling tests (WBT) of minimum, maximum and interleaving cooking loads. Water is used as a highly accurate and repeatable cooking load and, simply, many foods contain a high proportion of water.

The tests are repeated at lower supply voltages to emulate lower power appliances, to determine whether
cooking is feasible at lower power, measure any delay or lengthening of cooking duration and assess any
effect on energy consumption. Lower power appliances are likely to be a necessity to protect the prototype system battery both for cycle life and delivered energy per cycle at the present state of battery technology.

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