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IoT LPG Cylinder Tag and Trace

Published Date 

28 Feb 2020




Mark O'Keefe and Fausto Marcigot

About the publication

The aim of this project is to improve the efficiency of the LPG supply chain through the development and implementation of cutting edge IoT technologies to create visibility into the LPG supply chain. PayGo Energy has developed a complementary suite of products to expand access to LPG and make the supply chain more predictable, trusted and efficient. Our all-in-one cooking setup and customer service brings LPG cooking gas to your home. Our digital delivery infrastructure enables LPG suppliers to deliver to every home. To further enhance this LPG management platform, PayGo Energy will tag and trace LPG cylinders as they move along the LPG supply chain. The process of cylinder refilling will also be digitized and integrated within the PayGo Energy platform.

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