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Women-to-women distribution model to increase adoption of clean cooking methods by low income women in rural Kenya

Published Date 

20 Feb 2020




Rocio Perez Ochoa

About the publication

The aim of the project is to develop further and strengthen the role of women leaders, who are clients that represent groups of clients in the Bidhaa Sasa model, to accelerate the adoption of clean cooking devices such as cleaner stoves, LPG, accessories and EPCs by low income rural women in Kenya building on Bidhaa Sasa’s existing footprint and resources.

The project has helped to increase Bidhaa Sasa’s understanding of leaders’ motivations and aspirations through a series of face-to-face interviews with leaders and clients (who are not leaders). In addition, the project has tested three human-centred designed training methods targeting leaders at different stages of their journey as a leader, and lastly the project has also tested the potential demand of EPCs by rural clients of Bidhaa Sasa in two hubs.

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