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Approach to Designing Delivery Models of Modern Energy Cooking Services in Tanzania (ADD-MECS-Ta)

Published Date 

6 Feb 2020


Shuma, J. (2020)

Jensen Shuma

About the publication

The MECS TRIID research project aimed at assessing and understanding the entire market systems of modern energy cooking appliances (specifically electric pressure cookers) in order to propose an approach for designing sustainable delivery/business models for scaling up their uptake in Tanzania. The project has been implemented in urban and peri-urban areas of Dar es Salaam Region (Ubungo and Kinondoni districts) and a rural area of Gairo District in Morogoro Region where PowerGen Company is currently operating a Solar PV Mini-Grid power plant.

The research findings from the project indicate that the target markets for EPCs are households and small food business enterprises in both rural and urban areas. The aggregate demand of EPCs is still very low in Tanzania. The factors which were observed and considered to influence the demand of EPCs are awareness of appliance, price of appliance, seasonality of income, availability and quality of the appliance and income level of customers which determines affordability and prices of substitutes/compliments. The case studies highlighted for sustainable delivery models were developed according to information and analysis which was obtained from participatory meetings in rural setting with mini-grid electricity users and urban setting with national grid electricity users.

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