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eWaste to eCook: Piloting a Scalable, Modular Power-Pack Using Upcycled Lithium-Ion Technology for Affordable & Reliable E-Cooking in Myanmar

Published Date 

7 Feb 2020


Ketelsen, T. et al (2020)

Tarek Ketelsen; Mike O'Hanlon; John Sawdon; U Than Htay

About the publication

The e-waste to e-cook project employed an accelerated prototyping methodology to demonstrate the viability of upcycled, locally assembled lithium-ion batteries as an affordable, reliable, clean, portable and dispatchable power source. The project aimed to unlock the potential for e-cooking in rural households of Myanmar to improve health and livelihoods of remote communities. The project is a proof-of-concept for Switch powerpacks and was designed to establish the evidence and business case for creation of a local social enterprise (Switch Myanmar) equipped to take the project to scale and make a significant contribution to rural health and electricity access.

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