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Exploring Futures of Alternative Cooking in Cambodia

Published Date 

7 Feb 2020


Bansod, A. and Campos, N. (2020)

Amey Bansod; Nadia Campos

About the publication

The goal of this study was to uncover aspirational pathways for people to adopt modern energy cooking services (MECS) in Cambodia. To achieve this, the iDE Innovation Lab built a comprehensive understanding of the barriers preventing the adoption of modern energy cooking solutions in rural, peri-urban, and urban regions. Utilizing this understanding, a number of ideas were prototyped, then tested with people in-field to understand future strategies and solutions that could enable the MECS transition in rural households. This report summarizes end to end learnings from inception to research, to prototyping, and user testing. In doing so we hope to create a unique foundational body of knowledge on that will provide inspiration to try new approaches for delivering affordable, efficient and modern cooking solutions to customers.

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