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Portable Biogas: Assessing the Socio-Economic Viability of Packaging and Distributing Ready-to-Use Biogas

Published Date 

2 Apr 2020


Chaney, J. et al (2020)

Joel Chaney; Charlotte Ray; Esther Chaney; Harold Msanya

About the publication

This project explored models of packaging and distributing surplus biogas, to assess the socio-economic viability of both facilitating an affordable, reliable and sustainable supply of household cooking fuel in rural and periurban areas and creating a scalable and sustainable income for households and communities with digesters. We present the results of a technology trial of some low-cost filling and distribution technologies alongside a socio-economic feasibility assessment of different distribution models. We assessed the viability and limitations of the distribution and trading models, and how such approaches could make biogas fuel more accessible, affordable and desirable, hence off-setting charcoal and wood stoves. Our study was focused in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania.

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