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Myanmar National Policy & Markets Review

Published Date 

30 Sept 2019


Leary, J. et al (2019)

Main authors: Jon Leary, Wint Wint Hlaing, Aung Myint, Sane Sane, Phyu Phyu Win, Thet Myat Phyu, Ei Thinzar Moe, Than Htay, Simon Batchelor, Dipti Vaghela
Associate authors: Matt Leach, Nigel Scott, Ed Brown

About the publication

This report summarises the findings a review of national policy and the market for clean cooking and electricity in Myanmar, with the aim of informing the development of a battery-supported electric cooking concept, eCook. It is part of a broader programme of work, designed to identify and investigate the opportunities and challenges that await in high impact markets such as Myanmar.

This study has confirmed that there is a strong market for eCook products and services in Myanmar, as electricity is without doubt the aspirational source of energy for cooking. However, cooking fuel in Myanmar is currently overwhelmingly from unsustainable sources (primarily charcoal, firewood, & LPG). Firewood dominates rural cooking, whilst electricity & charcoal are both much more popular in peri-urban and urban areas.

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