eWant 24V DC 5 litre cooker – fit for purpose and a good size

By Dr. Simon Batchelor (Loughborough University / Gamos Ltd.).

A working paper is an assessment of a 5 litre electric pressure cooker for possible use on solar home systems. As said in previous blogs, there has been discussion for the past few years, on how to get a direct current cooker that might match a solar home system or a draw from a battery storage system without the need for an inverter. The potential market for off-grid solar home systems that can deliver DC electrical cooking, centres on three ideas:- Efficiency (and simplicity) of the system, Lower power demand leading to lower discharge rates from batteries; Cost effectiveness resulting from the above features. A DC appliance could potentially exploit those efficiencies and savings.

An early working paper the CREST team at Loughborough documente