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Submissions invited: Special Issue of Energies journal entitled “Clean Energy Innovations: Challenge

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Dr Simon Batchelor (UK Research and Innovation Co-ordinator, MECS) and Prof. Ed Brown (MECS Research Director) are co-editing a special issue journal,  “Clean Energy Innovations: Challenges and Strategies for Low and Middle Income Countries” (Energies journal). 

We invite submissions of MECS and wider clean cooking work by the sector into a special issue journal.  This journal is open access, medium impact score, and in their role as editor discounted open access fees can be offered. All submissions are peer reviewed.  Please consider if you can pivot a clean cooking output to this special issue.

Further information on the Special Issue, along with manuscript submission guidelines, are available here. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 25 May 2021.

Please direct any enquiries by e-mail to Ed Brown or Simon Batchelor.

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