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Untapped opportunities: markets for efficient electric cooking appliance manufacturing

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The latest paper authored by members of the MECS team highlights the emerging opportunity for manufacturers to enter the largely untapped market for efficient electric cooking appliances such as the Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) in East and Southern Africa.

The paper, entitled ‘Experiences of Electric Pressure Cookers in East Africa?’ and authored by Simon Batchelor, Ed Brown, Nigel Scott and Jonathan Leary, was delivered at the 10th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL’19), held from 6-8 November 2019, Jinan, China.

The paper presents evidence from cooking diaries, focus groups and ‘kitchen laboratory’ experiments carried out in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia to show that electric cooking is not only acceptable, but also highly desirable. These findings provide empirical evidence to support increased investment in electric cooking appliance manufacturing in East and Southern Africa. Uptake of these investment opportunities would assist in global efforts towards aiming to achieve the UN’s SDG7 (Sustainable Development Goal 7), for which the goal is to provide universal access to both sustainable energy and clean cooking by 2030.

Access the full paper, along with accompanying presentation, here.

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