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Cooking Health Energy Environment and Gender (CHEEG) - guiding Covid recovery plans.

Closing remarks to Ministerial-level Thematic Forums Side Event on clean cooking




The challenge builds on work undertaken over the last two to three years by MECS, ESMAP, CCA and others to showcase that electric cooking is becoming more affordable and available in Low and Middle Income Countries. 


for all households connected to grid or off-grid electricity to be using it for cooking by 2030


of those utilising modern energy for cooking to be utilising energy generated from low carbon sources by 2030.

Leveraging modern energy access for all:
infrastructure, climate and cooking.

A UN ministerial-level thematic forum side event was held on 23 June to promote this inclusion of cooking energy in modern energy access. 

Hosted by

The Kenyan government

Supported by

the Africa Europe Foundation (AEF), Clean Cooking Alliance, ENERGIA and The Energy Nexus Network.

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