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Mapping Innovation Systems

In this section, Jacob Fodio Todd and Dr Elsie Onsongo explain more about innovation system mapping and how it contributes to the MECS programme, using an example of a workshop in Kenya, and finally why this approach has value. There is also a supporting document outlining ways to map innovation systems using the participatory innovation system mapping approach.

What do we hope to achieve?

Elsie Onsongo discusses how the innovation system mapping approach helps to work towards the aims of the MECS programme. 

59secs | Elsie Onsongo 

What is innovation
system mapping?

How to map innovation systems?

Here, Jacob Fodio Todd introduces participatory innovation system mapping, or pinnsmapping, a novel participatory approach for mapping innovation systems that uses ideas from the participatory impact pathways analysis (PIPA) approach.

2m 11secs  | Jacob Fodio Todd | How to pinnsmap guide

A workshop in action:
electric cooking in Kenya 

This summary follows the progress of a participatory innovation system (Pinnsmap) workshop around electric cooking in Kenya. 

4m 39secs|  Kenya Pinnsmapping workshop

Why Pinnsmap? 

Jacob Fodio Todd highlights some key reasons as to why it is useful to map innovation systems using the pinnsmap approach.

1m 21secs | Jacob Fodio Todd



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