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Modern Energy Cooking Services

In this section, Dr. Simon Batchelor, Research & Innovation Coordinator of the MECS programme, discusses the history and aims of the programme, and why we are at a pivotal moment for cooking with modern energy.

Why do we need MECS?

In this video, Simon Batchelor explains how the overwhelming use of biomass for cooking has lead to significant illness and deaths from indoor air pollution. Modern Energy Cooking offers a way to tackle the issues related to cooking using biomass.

42secs | Simon Batchelor

What is modern energy?

What are cooking services?

In this video, Simon Batchelor highlights how a suite of (cooking) services are needed to make use of modern energy.

32secs | Simon Batchelor

What is the MECS programme?

Simon Batchelor explains how the Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme was formed, its funding and some of the key partners.

1mins 09secs | Simon Batchelor

What are MECS aims?

Here, Simon Batchelor explains how the MECS programme seeks to change the narrative around electrification and clean cooking. 

1min 37 secs | Simon Batchelor

Simon Batchelor explains the wide focus of MECS , highlighting the wide range of focus areas or 'jigsaw pieces' that make up the programme.

2mins 06secs | Simon Batchelor 

Innovation systems &
the MECS programme

Simon Batchelor explains how the University of Sussex's socio-technical innovation system approach helps to understand innovation and map clean and electric cooking innovation systems in different country contexts and how this can be used to support innovation and foster an enabling environment for modern energy cooking in MECS focus countries.

1mins 25secs | Simon Batchelor





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